File submission

Submitted print files have to meet the technical requirements described below that will ensure proper printing:
  • Accepted file formats: PDF, uncompressed TIFF, EPS (+ with preview .jpg file up to 1MB).
  • Color palette: CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black).
  • File must not exceed 1GB.
  • The filename must display the file size in millimeters and pieces (pcs). Example: Banner_1800x3000mm_2pcs.
  • Use only Latin symbols in file name. Do not use specific symbols, dots, bullets, brackets, Cyrillic symbols etc.   
  • The print file must have original size or at a scale of 1:10 if the size of project is larger than 5700mm.
  • The file must be free of unnecessary objects in the work area.
  • Files must be sent without crop marks and bleed. Please contact us for the assistance in order to prepare files for the specific project.
  • Plottering, milling and laser cutting files, must have bleed and a cutting vector line (see this example how to prepare the file).
  • Do not use Overprint for file objects.

Requirements for TIFF and EPS files:
TIFF (files created in raster graphics software and files with raster details)

  • Resolution: 72-300 dpi. For large scale projects (depending on size) - lower resolution up to 25 dpi. For small jobs (stickers, labels etc.) - 300 dpi. If the file is set to scale 1:10, then the resolution should be multiplied by  3 to 10 times.
  • All layers should be merged (Flatten Image).
EPS and PDF (vector files)
  • Do not use the most recent format versions for saving print files.
  • Fonts  should be converted to curves.
  • The file must have embedded pictures.
  • If the file contains color rendering or raster objects, then this layout must be exported in TIFF format.
  • For the file that has to be printed with an extra white coating, it must have an additional layer (without the Clipping Mask) called "White_Ink" (see this example how to prepare the file).
  • Please attach a preview .jpg file (up to 1MB).

For large file transfer we recommend to use  services like